It’s half term but I’m managing to get some work done. Are you?

Ah, it’s actually much easier to get on with editing jobs during half term while my son has his mates over to play. They’ve been entertaining themselves all day. It’s given me some welcome space so I have:

– completed a sample edit of a medieval fantasy romance for a client in America. The manuscript needed cleaning up as there were a lot of echoes in there, a lot of redundancies, some issues with incorrect usage of tense and a few other things. In terms of typos and suchlike, there weren’t many. This was a manuscript that needed some careful pruning and it feels so much lighter for it

– sorted out some admin. I needed to fix some niggling issues on my invoices templates. I’ve done that now and also used the time to create a template for international clients. I need to move away from using PayPal as they take such a chunk out of the fee. I’m hoping bank transfer will be better…

– signed and swapped contracts with a UK client whose book should be landing in my inbox in the next week or so. It’s a non-fiction one and deals with issues such as spirituality. Should be interesting

– responded to some posts and comments in Facebook groups. I’ve answered a #SPAG question in Ask A Book Editor and I’ve also responded to some nice things people said about me when the author AHM Beattie posted a Q+A she’d done with me as part of her Focus on Friday feature – so that was very nice 😊

All in all, a productive day.

And I notice that the sun has come out.

Time to log off and get the children out for some fresh air.

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