Should I pay for a cover designer? Should I pay for an editor and a proofreader? In self-publishing, it’s up to you.

💬 “It depends what you want.”

That’s something I keep at the forefront of my mind when I work with writers. Where is the manuscript going to end up? What are you hoping to achieve with it?

You could pay for ALL THE THINGS, but it’s up to you to decide whether you’re going fully DIY on your self-publishing journey, or whether you’re going to pay people to take parts of the process out of your hands. And, why do you want it out of your hands? Time? Convenience? Your own skillset (or lack thereof)? Maximising sales potential?

You’ve got to work out what you want, why you want it and whether it’s realistic for your budget.

📚 If it is going to be on Amazon or part of a Bookbub promotion or something like that, cover design matters. I judge a book by its cover. And the last time I went for one with a dodgy cover because I thought, ‘Ah, well, I’ll give this one a chance’, well, it was poor to be honest. Quality covers, by and large, have led to a quality reading experience, but is the inverse true? I’ve scrolled by too many times to check this hypothesis. And I fear that’s what most readers do.

🔎 And professional editing and proofreading, natch. I mean, I would say that! But, again, it comes round to what the writer wants. A final polish so it’s a clean copy you can share with friends and family? A deep developmental edit to make sure you are telling the story in the best possible way to attract readers and sales?

You can fully DIY, but it depends what you want. And it depends on your budget.

Check out the services I offer. If you’d like some recommendations for cover design or other things that aren’t part of my suite of services, contact me and I will drop you some names you can check out.

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