Looking for an editor who specialises in indie fiction?

A small selection of Jon Cronshaw’s Amazon inventory

I’m the editor for an indie author who has 41 books/series listed on Amazon.

I’m the editor for an indie author whose day job is writing – it’s not a side hustle.

I’m the editor for my husband.

I used to feel embarrassed saying that.

I felt it took away some of the kudos of having secured a prolific author client.

And that, for Jon, hiring me to edit his work made it look like he wasn’t taking his author journey seriously.

I know it could be seen like that. But it’s not.

My biggest client is my husband. I’m proud to say that.

It’s a matter of skillset (I have it), efficiency (it makes sense) and logistics (Jon being registered blind has an impact here.)

Skillset: I’ve trained. I have worked through four courses offered by the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading and I am currently working on a fifth. It’s not a case of let-my-English-teacher-wife-read-my-work. I know my stuff.

Efficiency: We’ve got a good assembly line going on here. I know when he’s finishing a draft. He knows my schedule. He writes when I am working for external clients. When I edit his stuff, he’s working on the outline for his next book. Ad infinitum.

Logistics: As a blind indie author, Jon struggles when his manuscripts are returned from other proofreaders and editors. He wants the control of Track Changes but it’s not really workable as a method for him. He knows the kinds of things I will change in his manuscripts and I have the green light to do that. And if I want to query something, he’s working at his standing desk at the other side of the room so whatever the issue is can be easily remedied.

I trained to support him and then I caught the bug.

I love my time spent doing syntactic pruning. And I want to do more of it.

From September, I’ll be doing two days a week at the chalkface where I will continue my long-standing role deconstructing writer’s craft and word-wrangling teenagers’ creative efforts in the classroom.

But the other three days will be devoted to editing.

And I will have availability to help more indie authors achieve the success enjoyed by Jon.

Want me to do your book?

Contact me for a free 1000-word sample edit which I’ll use to form an accurate quote for your manuscript.

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