The power of ‘no’? How about the power of ‘yes’? How I can help you in your self-publishing journey.

❓Are you someone who says ‘yes’ too often?

We often hear that. The power of no. Remember to be in control. I’ve listened to that advice and tried to not leave myself open to *can you justs*…

However, despite being mega busy, I decided to say ‘yes’ this week a couple of times where I could easily have said no. The people I helped were not people I knew well — they’d just dropped me a DM.

However, pay it forward and all that.

So, I said yes.

✅ I gave feedback on an opening chapter which I read over a coffee break.

✅ I provided names of ghostwriters who might help a contact make his book ideas a reality.

‘Kindness doesn’t pay the leccy bills.’ One of my contacts may feel tempted to comment this. Duly noted. 😅 And you’re absolutely right. But, you know, what goes around comes around.

To anyone who needs any book-related help or advice, you’re welcome to ask. DMs are open.

🔲 Self-publishing
🔲 Types of editing
🔲 Book covers
🔲 Grammar questions
🔲 Word tips and tricks
🔲 Useful podcasts
🔲 Beta-readers and FB groups
🔲 Getting an audiobook
🔲 Accessibility tips

No harm in asking. If I can’t answer your question due to time or something else, I’m sure I can at least point you in the right direction for your next steps.

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