Present tense or past tense novels? What’s your preference? Editing a novel which has changed its tense.

⏲️ Are you a fan of novels written in present tense?

Some find it jarring.

🕰️ This month, I’m proofreading a series of novels which have been reworked from present tense into past tense.

The author enjoys reading present-tense narratives and didn’t think it would be a problem to write his post-apoc novels this way. However, his readers weren’t keen.

📝 So, after a mammoth rewrite, the author now has the new manuscripts ready. They’ve been handed over to me for a final proofread.

🔎 It’ll be an interesting project. Amongst my usual proofreading checks, I’ll be on the look out for any ghosts of the present tense lurking in his writing. 👻

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