Can I make a living wage from self-publishing?

💷 A family friend awkwardly asked my indie-author husband: “But, is it a living wage?”

For sure, not everyone who goes down the self-publishing route will make a living out of it.

But, if you know what you’re doing, and you put effort into both the creative and business side of things, you can make a good living.

(Uncouth money bit!) Jon’s earnings outstrip a UK full-time teacher’s wage — and the top of the pay scale at that — and I should know, I had one until fairly recently. And his success is why I don’t need to be full-time any longer. 😁

If you’re thinking of going down the self-publishing route and you’re worried about whether it’ll be financially viable, check out Paul Teague’s podcast and the 20 books to 50K group for a bit of inspiration and insight. (Links in the comments.)

If you want to take control, self-publishing may well be for you.

It doesn’t mean you have to take on everything yourself. Ask me about people who can help you at different stages of the process, from writing coaches, to book covers — to proofreading … 😉

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