Do authors get paid when their books are borrowed from libraries? Yes!

❓ Did you know that when you borrow library books, you’re still contributing to an author’s income — whether that’s a physical copy of a book or an ebook/audiobook through services such as Borrowbox. (Excellent, btw!)

I’m talking specifically about the UK here, but there may be similar schemes in other countries. It’s worth checking it out.

🚸 It’s particularly useful for children’s books. Whereas I’m happy to invest in books for myself as an adult, my son’s reading ability and tastes change so quickly that he would bankrupt me if I bought him all of the books he wants to get through!

So, following the current Covid-19 limitations and the new steps that libraries are having to put in place, we will have our first 30 minute browsing and borrowing visit to our local library and I can’t wait!

πŸ“š And as we leave clutching an armful of books, I shall not feel guilty about being a cheapskate. I’m glad to be feeding my son’s imagination while at the same time contributing something to the income of the authors whose books we borrow.

❓Are you planning on visiting your local library soon? Have you already been?

πŸ–±οΈGoogle the UK Public Lending Rights scheme which gives payment to authors.

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