Q. How do I get my book finished this year? A. Read this. ⬇️

📍 Why booking a slot with me will help you finish your novel.

Have you decided 2022 is the year you’ll finish and publish your book?

I can help you make that happen.

🔊 I’m partway through listening to Robert B. Cialdini Ph.D’s book, Influence.

A scenario he shares about a woman who wanted to quit smoking really got me thinking about commitment and the power of the written word.

She had tried and failed many times to give up smoking. Every time she heard terrible health stories, she vowed to stop. But she never did despite trying various methods. Until she changed tack. She created business cards for her friends and family and on them she wrote: ‘I promise you I will never smoke another cigarette.’ She handed them out to all. And then, when she was sorely tempted to smoke again, she didn’t because she had essentially signed a contract. Her nearest and dearest had her promise in writing. And that’s what did it. She succeeded and put smoking behind her. She kept her promise.

✍️ So this got me thinking: contracts and written words are powerful motivators. 

I know this from my own experience. I started an accountability group with a handful of fellow editorial professionals just over 18 months ago. Every month, I publish my goals and tell them what I’m going to do. The amount of times this has helped me do more than I would otherwise is astounding. Writing down my goals for someone else to see has helped me immeasurably. I make a promise.

Want the same motivation?

🗓️ A written commitment to say your book will be ready in the spring = your book will be ready in the spring. You’ll make it happen.

And if this promise is accompanied by putting down a payment to say your book will be ready in the spring, then your book will be bloomin’ well ready in the spring! (Rough guide: £10–£15 per 1000 words depending on level of intervention needed. Deposit = 50%)

👊 Don’t be resistant to the idea of signing a contract and paying a deposit. The commitment you’re making to yourself is far more important than the commitment you’re making to me.

📥 Send me 1000 words of something to give me an idea of your writing style and I’ll do you a free sample edit/proofread and provide a quote for your project.

If you’re happy with all this, take the leap of faith. Lots have (check my testimonials) and are very happy they did. They have a book to show for it. It’s there, on Kindle Unlimited. People are reading it. It’s really happening. 

🌱 It’s winter now but if we make this written commitment soon, you will finish your book in the spring. 

Now wouldn’t that feel good?

I’m taking bookings for March onwards.

💻 Check out my website to get this show on the road. To get this story out of your head. To get this book on the (e)shelves.

Make a promise to yourself. 

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